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HAPSU is the nationalist flame in the globalist darkness of the modern university community. We are a student association and we call for the gathering of Finland’s future intellectual elite, whose duty it is to secure the existence of our people and a future for Finnish children. HAPSU considers itself as the successor of the legacy of the Finnish nationalist university student movement and as the heir of the Academic Karelia Society.

HAPSU was established in 2009. Our membership is for students studying in the universities and universities of applied sciences in the Helsinki Capital Region of Finland. We operate within the HYY, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. HAPSU is an acronym for ”Helsingin Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset”, in which Helsingin (”Helsinki’s”) stands for the region in which we operate, Akateemiset for ”Academicals” and Perussuomalaiset for The Finns Party, the nationalist party in Finland which we are associated with.

HAPSU takes part in Student Union politics by participating in the bi-annual elections of the Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The next elections will be conducted on October and November 2020. HAPSU’s candidates are under the electoral list ”Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto” (”The Finns Party Electoral List”). Exchange students can voluntarily join the Student Union and vote in the Representative Council elections.

HAPSU opposes the Finnish Student Union system, in which all students are obligated to join the Student Union and pay the annual fee (about 100 euros) while the Student Union itself is engaged in globalist and liberal politics. We demand that the Student Union withdraws its support membership in Seta, a Finnish LGBT rights organization, and that it stops its participations in the Gay Pride events. We demand for the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki itself to be changed to unilingually Finnish, thus removing the official status of the Swedish language in the student union and the university. We express our concern for the Russification of the Finnic peoples in Russia and demand for a shutdown for Russian citizens in the armed force officer education in Finland. We oppose the great demographic replacement ongoing in Finland and all over Europe. We are for a Finnish Finland in a European Europe.

The Finns Party is the leading nationalist party in Finland having representatives in over 80 % (2017) of the over 300 municipality councils in Finland, 17 out of 200 seats (pre-2019 elections number) in Eduskunta, the unicameral parliament of Finland, and two Members of the European Parliament (2014) out of Finland’s total 13 MEPs. HAPSU is a member association of the Finns Party Youth, the youth-wing of the Finns Party.

HAPSU is not a member of any international organization and we do not have formal ties with nationalist student organizations abroad. If you are interested in learning more about us, contacting us or co-operating with us, our contact information can be found here. The Finns Party co-operates with Sweden Democrats and the Danish People’s Party in the Nordic Council. In the European Parliament the Finns Party is currently a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group together with parties such as the Sweden Democrats, the Danish People’s Party, Law and Justice and the Right Wing of the Republic from Poland and the National Alliance from Latvia.