Statement: Political terror by the government of Finland

Earlier this year, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture made the decision to cease the state funding of the Finns Party Youth, and also to demand the return of all funding given to the organization in the year 2019. The decision by the ministry was based on the unconstitutional claim that the organization isn’t eligible for state funding, since the ideology of the Finns Party Youth, namely the opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, is at odds with the ”youth law” of the republic. Demands by the Finns Party Youth to rectify the decision have now been met with a refusal by the ministry.

Since the state funding of 115 000 euros for the youth organization of the largest opposition party has been denied while the youth organization of the largest cabinet party (the Social Democrats) has been granted 469 000 euros, it is clear that the ministry is trying to silence opposition to the politics driven by the left-wing cabinet of the Social Democrat prime minister Antti Rinne. This is rather ironic considering that Finland, as the President of the Council of the European Union under Antti Rinne, has been aggressively attacking Hungary for the supposed endangerment of the rule of law. Clearly the government of Finland operates on a different set of moral standards in domestic policies, than it does in its foreign policy.

The Finns Party Youth sees the entire farce begun by the Ministry of Education and Culture as an attack against the organization, as a form on political persecution and as an affront to the core values of the Republic of Finland. The organization will not give up. Instead, it will pursue legal action against the Ministry of Education and Culture to secure the future of political freedom in Finland.

The board of the Finns Party Youth