The Finns Party Youth joins the Nordic Freedom Youth -group

The Finns Party Youth has decided to join the Nordic Freedom Youth -group in the Nordic Youth Council. The representative body of the organization decided this in its meeting. The Finns Party Youth holds the chairmanship of the group in 2017 – 2018. The other two members are Young Swedes SDU and Youth of the Danish People’s Party.


I’m very happy, that we are finally able to establish the group in the Nordic Youth Council We are a medium-sized group and that’s why our importance is significant. It’s an honor to work in liaison with our Nordic fellows. The collaboration with the Danes has been rewarding for a long time. So it’ll be with the Swedes too”, says the chairman of the Finns Party Youth Samuli Voutila happily.


The Nordic Freedom Youth -group will further strict immigration politics and border control in the Nordic Youth Council In addition, the group values the emerging co-operation in voluntary defence service in the Nordics very high.


The board of the group consists of three members. The chairman is Samuli Voutila (The Finns Party Youth), the vice-chairman Christian Bulow (Youth of the Danish People’s Party) and the secretary Gabriel Kroon (Young Swedes SDU).


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